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US Presidential Election: 3 Best Investment If Joe Biden Wins


1️⃣ Buy Infrastructure and Green Energy Stocks

Two of Biden’s campaign policy is infrastructure spending and green energy. Despite who would wins the election, recovering the economy is one of the top priorities. If Biden wins the election, he will be focus on new investments in infrastructure and clean energy. This would create millions of new jobs for the lower and middle class as they contribute to upgrading the nation’s infrastructure. One of biggest beneficiaries is Tesla, as its are known for its energy-efficient cars.

2️⃣ Sell S&P 500

On analysts views, they are confident that the equity will see a correction, especcially if the results are close and President Trump refuses to concede easily. With the uncertainty, investors would likely to sell their stocks, which could lead to a sharp correction in overvalued stocks. However, the analysts are still believe that stocks will outperform in the long-term after Biden won as global uncertainty eases and diplomacy with other nations improves.

3️⃣ Sell UK Pound (GBP). Why the traders should sell the GBP if Biden wins the election?

Biden would not make any trade deal with the UK, unless the UK respect the Good Friday Agreement. On the Brexit front, the British government had anticipated for favorable individual trade agreements after leaving the European Union (EU), however, Biden said that the US can only provide one trade deal if the UK can reach a deal with the EU. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump supported Prime Minister Johnson’s plan to leave the EU and promised a great trade deal. Besides, with a second coronavirus wave, and the return of some business restrictions, we could see a 2% to 3% correction on GBP.

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