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The Important Things That You Should Know On 22/10/2020


1️⃣ Market mood is leaning risk-off amid concerns about foreign intervention in the US elections. The FBI announced that Russia and Iran obtained the US voter registration files and sent threats to voters.

2️⃣ US President Donald Trump and Challenger Joe Biden will meet in the final debate later in the day. The Gap between Trump and Biden is narrowing, yet the Democratic candidate remains in the lead.

3️⃣ Hopes on US fiscal stimulus remains optimistic as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin started to write the bill. Investors are cheering about the deal.

4️⃣ On the Brexit front, EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier will go to London to resume and intensify Brexit talks. The Negotiations are now aiming to be achieved by mid-November.

5️⃣ Coronavirus cases in Europe continue to rise, with more state slapping restrictions to contain the virus.

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