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NZD Continue To Benefit From Risk-On Tone


During the European session, the market mood is leaning risk-on, with a higher yield, and weaker in safe-havens. However, the European stock traded mixed as Eurostat restarting its trading.

In FX Markets, NZD is the most benefit from the risk-on tone, also boosted by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won the general elections in the country.

On the other hand, USD and JPY were the worst performers amid fresh hopes on US fiscal stimulus. US President Donald Trump is willing to go for a larger stimulus deal ahead of the elections. EUR is benefitting from a weaker dollar.

Meanwhile, GBP is leading across the board as Brexit talks still expected to resume later in the week and rumors of the UK looking to tweak its internal market bill to make room for a compromise.

Ahead of the New York session, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will speak later in the day followed by ECB President Christine Lagarde and a few central banks member, which could give a high impact on the market.

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