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The Important Things That You Should Know On 29/09/2020


1️⃣ Stock markets traded steadily, while the dollar was retreating amid an upbeat mood. U.S. stimulus packages continued, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offering a new deal worth $2.2 trillion.

2️⃣ The UK Pound traded steadily, after gains in the previous session, as investors are satisfied with reports of some progress in Brexit negotiations. The European Union (EU) is reportedly ready to work on a legal agreement.

3️⃣ The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde expressed concerns about the impact of coronavirus on the economy, with German and Spanish preliminary inflation figures for September are due out on Tuesday. The COVID-19 infection is increasing quickly in Europe and resuming its rises in the U.S.

4️⃣ The Fed members are set to talk later in the day. The Fed encouraged the government to provide more fiscal relief and does not plan to increase its quantitative easing (QE) at the moment.

5️⃣ The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are scheduled to clash later in the day. The narrative emerging from the event may move the markets. Investors are concerned about the specter of an inconclusive election.

6️⃣ Gold was trading around $1,880 and looking for a new direction, while WTI crude oil traded around $40 per barrel.

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